Who is a welfare consultant?

WELFARE CONSULTANT – a specialist with
a qualified education and special training
in low-intensity emotional counseling based on cognitive and behavioral therapy
for people with psychological and emotional difficulties

Good mental health is an integral part of general human health.

Good emotional well-being is a condition for the happiness and well-being of the individual and society.

Stress is a universal problem, but in Lithuania the stress rates are especially high - every second employee in our country suffers from stress at work.

Stress in the work environment can lead to severe emotional experiences and damage to mental and physical health.

There is a lack of strengthening mental health and emotional literacy among young people - 58% of children and young people experience bullying and initiate it themselves.

Health projects and programs for the retirement age group are mostly aimed at improving physical health. However, the mental health of the elderly requires the same attention as physical health

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