Cooperating organizations

Pagėgiai Municipality Child Care Center

The care center is a structural subdivision of the Child Care Center of Pagėgiai Municipality, which implements the rights and obligations of the child’s guardian, transfers the child left without parental care to a guardian, provides and organizes social services and other assistance to the child. and a guardian on duty, as well as other assistance to the child’s parents to return the child to the family.

Public Institution Lecturers

Public Institution Lecturers is an institution that has been operating since 2015, specializing in research, non-formal education and the improvement of public health. Areas of activity include education, practical and scientific activities in personal health care.

English Pagegiai Municipality Vydūnas Public Library

Pagėgiai Municipality Cultural Center

Pagėgiai Municipality Association of the Disabled

Vilkiškės Sports Club "Sea"

Pagėgiai Municipality School of Art and Sports

Public Institution "Training Synergy"

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