Consulting success story

Constant fatigue can have various negative effects on emotional health, cause feelings of tension and anxiety, and contribute to the development of depression. Fatigue can cause sleep disorders, and long-term lack of sleep has a significant impact on mental health, irritability, difficulty in thinking, concentrating, making decisions, and reduced emotional resilience. A person experiencing chronic … Read more

16 days of activism against violence against women

Every year around the world, from November 25 to December 10, 16 days of activism against violence against women are celebrated, the purpose of which is to draw the attention of citizens and institutions to gender-based violence, increase public awareness, and carry out prevention. The welfare consultant met with the official of the Pagegiai community, … Read more

Meeting with the Caritas coordinator

Welfare consultant Aistė Marozienė met with V. Šveikauskiene, Caritas coordinator of the St.Cross parish, and discussed the possibilities of cooperation, brought informational handouts. This organization provides assistance to needy families, elderly people, and war refugees. People who apply to Caritas often experience emotional difficulties due to difficult life circumstances, so it is very important that … Read more

Publication in the regional press

On December 15, the fourth article publicizing the project was published in the newspaper Šilokarčema. The article presents another story of a person who successfully completed the counseling cycle. It also provides general information on what you need to know about the services of the Welfare Consultant.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, understand and manage one’s feelings and communicate effectively with other people. One of the most important elements of emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and understand your own and other people’s emotions. Empathy is also particularly important – the ability to empathize with other people’s feelings and … Read more

Meetings with representatives of cooperating institutions

Welfare consultant Aistė Marozienė met with representatives of cooperating institutions: Pagėgiai Municipality Cultural Center, Pagėgiai Municipality Vydūnas Public Library and Pagėgiai Municipality Disabled Society. During the meeting, they discussed the progress of the project, publicity activities, and brought more newspapers of the welfare consultant, which are distributed to all persons interested in the services of … Read more

Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is purposeful human behavior leading to the goal of well-being, both physical and spiritual well-being. The main principles of a healthy lifestyle include a balanced diet, regular physical activity, effective stress management, adequate sleep and relaxation. A healthy lifestyle helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, improves general well-being and helps maintain … Read more

A success story

Pagėgiai consultant Aistė Marozienė told how a Well-being consultant can help you control negative thoughts and improve your emotional well-being: A 36-year-old married woman, mother of two children, signed up for a consultation. The client complained about constant anxiety and self-doubt when raising children. During the consultations, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques were used to understand … Read more

Expectations and reality of motherhood

Information technologies, which occupy a large part of our daily lives, are designed to make life easier for all of us, and often become a source of self-doubt. Social networks often capture the beautified, unrealistic everyday life of opinion makers, causing stress and envy of the supposedly ideal life and easy living, which especially affects … Read more

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