A success story

Pagėgiai consultant Aistė Marozienė told how a Well-being consultant can help you control negative thoughts and improve your emotional well-being: A 36-year-old married woman, mother of two children, signed up for a consultation. The client complained about constant anxiety and self-doubt when raising children. During the consultations, cognitive behavioral therapy techniques were used to understand … Read more

Expectations and reality of motherhood

Information technologies, which occupy a large part of our daily lives, are designed to make life easier for all of us, and often become a source of self-doubt. Social networks often capture the beautified, unrealistic everyday life of opinion makers, causing stress and envy of the supposedly ideal life and easy living, which especially affects … Read more

An article was published in the regional press

On August 8, the newspaper “Šilokarčema” published an article publicizing the services of a welfare consultant.We hope that the information reached those people who have not yet heard about the services of a well-being consultant, and the shared success story of the consultations will inspire the determination to follow the example and register for a … Read more

The printed wealth consultant newspaper is already in circulation

You can already find the second newspaper of the welfare consultant posted in the public institutions of Pagėgii municipality. We invite you to take it and share it with everyone who you think this service would be relevant. The newspaper provides all the important information about the services for those who have not yet heard … Read more

The second Wealth Consultant newspaper has been launched

The second newspaper presenting the services of a welfare consultant has already been published and will soon reach various public institutions of Pagegiai municipality – where you can pick it up for yourself or your loved ones. We also invite you to read the newspaper online on the website or download it in PDF format … Read more

Publicizing the project

In order for as many people as possible to hear about the services of a welfare consultant, it is important to spread information as widely as possible. The services of the welfare consultant have been introduced to the employees and patients of Pagėgii medical institutions. Welfare consultant services were publicized at an event organized by … Read more

Bad ways to relax

Everyone probably knows that light exercise, a walk in nature or an afternoon nap can help to relax and reduce stress levels during a stressful day.And what common ways of taking a short relaxation break are not good?Everyone probably agrees that delicious food, especially desserts, lifts the mood. And that’s why stress eating is a … Read more

Seminars for the inclusion of the employees and community representatives in the model

On April 4 – May 17, the “Seminars for the inclusion of senior citizens’ employees and community representatives in the model” took place. These seminars were organized in Vilkyskiai, Lumpenai, Pagegiai, Stoniskiai, Natkiskiai precincts, precinct representatives, community representatives and other interested persons were invited. During the seminars, attention was paid to identifying persons with psychological … Read more

How to recognize depression?

Depression is a mental disorder that is manifested by a decrease in mood, interest and energy levels, problems with concentration, attention and sleep, and suicidal thoughts. The causes of depression are multiple: genetics, biological changes, traumatic events, social factors (violence, bullying), use of psychoactive substances, use of certain medications, or chronic diseases. Together, they influence … Read more

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