A cycle of seminars involving the applicant, partners and employees of cooperating institutions in the model is being started.

For the smooth operation of the model, the employees of partners and collaborating institutions must be properly introduced to the principles of the model’s operation, and be able to recognize situations and problems that can be solved by welfare consultants. Employees participating in the seminars will be trained in different techniques, how to work with … Read more

Publicizing the services of a welfare consultant.

Welfare consultant Aistė Marozienė met with the members of the Society of Disabled People in Pagėgiai and presented the services of a welfare consultant. She told who can apply, how consultations are conducted and how to register.During the meeting, all members were invited to an informational and educational event on the introduction of the welfare … Read more

The services of welfare consultants are already showing positive results.

In order for you to better understand how consultations take place, we share the success story of one such consultation cycle: A woman turned to a Well-Being Consultant because of her anxiety in the evenings. The purpose of counseling is to learn how to manage anxiety. The woman said that in the evenings she is … Read more

The mission of the welfare consultant in the regional press

On October 7, the newspaper “Šilokarčema” published an article about the services provided by welfare consultants The article provides answers to all the questions that arise – who is a Welfare consultant, how consultations are conducted, who is invited to apply to a Welfare consultant, how to register and others, and also describes the success … Read more

Who are the Welfare Consultant services for?

We often get questions about who can contact a Welfare consultant. We invite all residents of Pagėgiai Municipality who have mild symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, depression and psychological adaptation problems to contact the Welfare Consultant. Also people who experience various significant changes both at work and in their personal life causing anxiety, stress, various fears, … Read more

We invite you to get to know the Welfare consultant Aistė Marozienė

We invite you to get acquainted with Aiste Marozien, the Welfare consultant of Pagėgiai Municipality. Aistė Marozienė completed the training preparing welfare consultants and is already providing consultations. We asked Aistė to answer several questions: Why did you decide to contribute to this project and become a well-being consultant? – The noticeable deterioration of public … Read more

Educational posters of the Welfare Consultant are already decorating the notice boards of Pagėgiai

You can already see the produced and displayed A3 format educational welfare consultant posters of three different designs on the walls and notice boards of various Pagėgiai institutions. The posters contain information about the idea of ​​a welfare consultant, the contact details of the consultant, sources of funding and the motivational slogan #TrustHelpYourself encouraging people … Read more

The installation of the office of the Welfare consultant has been completed

The contractor UAB “Ostertus” carried out the simple repair work of the welfare consultant’s office (wall, floor, ceiling finishing, electrical work done) installed a separate waiting room for customers, sound insulation was installed between the cabinets. In order to create suitable and modern working conditions for the welfare consultant and an attractive office for the … Read more

2022 January 17 – June 23 320 hours duration welfare consultants trainings took place.

The training was conducted by the Behavioral Medicine Clinic of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU MA SF) in accordance with the training program “Essentials of Counseling for Psychological Well-Being” based on scientific and practical evidence, approved in the project “Creation of the model of welfare consultants”. The training was financed with the funds … Read more

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