A success story

Building self-esteem has a big impact on relationships. The stronger, safer and more self-confident a person feels, the more they can contribute to healthy and successful relationships, more effectively resolve conflicts and maintain strong relationships in the face of serious challenges. A 38-year-old woman applied to a welfare consultant. The woman said that she does not know how to create and maintain a romantic relationship. She said that she has had 3 serious, long-term romantic relationships, each of which lasted 3-4 years, but none of them ended in marriage. According to the client, she was the culprit of the broken relationship, that eventually her partners got bored of her, every little thing annoyed her, and she herself provoked conflicts. During the consultations, special attention was paid to the recognition and correction of the client’s thinking errors and beliefs, and the reasons for the client’s dissatisfaction with the relationship, which led to the divorce, were sought. With the help of a welfare consultant, the woman realized that she feels happy in a relationship only when the man admires her and constantly praises her, so at the beginning of each relationship, attention was enough, but as time went by, it decreased and the woman started to feel unhappy. Counseling helped her to realize that her self-doubt was raised by men’s compliments and praises, based on the belief that she is loved only when she is praised. During the consultations, the woman found out what values she would like to build a relationship based on, what is important to her in a relationship. The woman acquired the skill to change her usual behavior patterns (running) and express what worries her and what she would like when she feels insecurity, self-doubt.
If you also feel unhappy, it becomes difficult to control your emotions, you often get angry over small things, we invite you to visit a well-being consultant and learn to manage your feelings and be able to make the right decisions.
Taking care of your emotional health in a timely manner allows you to avoid serious psychological problems in the future. We invite you to take care of your well-being without delay

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