End of the project. Continuity.

The project “Implementation of the model of welfare consultants in Pagėgiai municipality” is already ending, the services of the welfare consultant are continuing.
We want to celebrate the successful results of the project – 133 residents of Pagėgii, who decided to change their well-being and improve their emotional health, turned to a welfare consultant with mild symptoms of anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression or psychological adaptation problems, and 101 of them successfully completed the full consultation course.
Welfare consultant services will be provided for the next 5 years, it is planned that services will be provided to 60 persons per year, and 300 persons in 5 years. The services of the welfare consultant will continue to be free of charge for those who apply, the financial obligations to ensure the continuity of the project are assumed by the project applicant – Pagėgii municipality administration, the welfare consultant services will be provided by the child care center of Pagėgiai municipality.
We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the successful implementation of the project – the project applicant, partners, cooperating institutions and everyone else who contributed to the dissemination of the project and the improvement of the emotional health of the residents of Pagėgiai municipality.

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