Bad ways to relax

Everyone probably knows that light exercise, a walk in nature or an afternoon nap can help to relax and reduce stress levels during a stressful day.
And what common ways of taking a short relaxation break are not good?
Everyone probably agrees that delicious food, especially desserts, lifts the mood. And that’s why stress eating is a very common and serious problem. Stress eating can quickly escalate from “today was a hard day, I’ll treat myself to a candy” to fully automatic, involuntary and uncontrollable opening of the refrigerator door when faced with any more stressful situation. Emotional eating leads to weight problems, which is followed by self-loathing, which in turn is followed by self-relief eating after experiencing bad emotions. A person finds himself in a closed circle. Leave indulging in a delicious cake for when you are in a great mood, by no means look for solace in eating delicacies until it becomes an uncontrollable habit.
A short quiet break from reading the media or browsing social networks? That’s not a good idea either. There is no lack of negative information in the media and social networks, and when browsing it is not easy to choose only content that pleases you and you still have to come across a lot of negative information that can further worsen the mood and increase tension.
Call a friend to discuss all the news? Yes, talking honestly often makes it much easier and the problems don’t seem so big anymore. However, it is necessary to distinguish “toxic friends” from real ones. A toxic “friend” will talk only about himself all the time, he will not be interested in your problems. Also, he will tend to criticize, not noticing his own shortcomings, and will detract from your success. Of course, talking to such a person will not calm you down, but will only increase the level of stress.
Do you want to learn how to calm down when negative emotions overwhelm you?

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