Benefits of inter-institutional cooperation in the project.

To ensure the successful dissemination of the services of the Welfare consultant, the capacities of cooperating organizations are also used (Vydūnas Public Library of Pagėgiai Municipality, Cultural Center of Pagėgiai Municipality, Society for the Disabled of Pagėgiai Municipality, Vilkyškiai Sport Club “Jūra”, Art and Sports School of Pagėgiai Municipality, VšĮ “Mokymų sinergija”).

In order to achieve significant inter-institutional cooperation leading to good results and the achievement of the project goal, it is important to include these institutions in the Welfare Consultants model. Employees of cooperating institutions are provided with knowledge about the model (during induction seminars), they are trained to recognize a person who needs help and provide them with information about the services of a Welfare consultant, and to present the project using the created publicity content in events and activities to members of their community. In this way, not only is the awareness and attractiveness of the services of Welfare consultants promoted in Pagėgiai Municipality, but also the involvement of recipients of the services of Welfare consultants in the activities of these employment-promoting institutions is facilitated.

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