What are we afraid of?

Fear is a familiar feeling to everyone. Fear is like a wall that prevents us from moving forward, in terms of life, career, inner growth. Sometimes fears can even be useful, protecting us from danger, strengthening our sense of self-preservation.

But next to that there are also social fears, which, if we let them control us, can strongly affect our destiny, prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams – fear of expressing our opinion, fear of being laughed at, fear of being rejected. These fears are based on our experiences, or even those of others, perhaps even some isolated case, which often has nothing to do with your current life situation. We grow these fears ourselves, with our thoughts, imagining all possible worst-case scenarios. And then we often choose the safe option – it is better to do nothing than to fail. The worst thing is that we often don’t get inner peace, we get disappointed in ourselves after giving up, we continue to dream about changes.

Fears, on the one hand, protect and help us not to perish in a dangerous world, but at the same time, they stop and prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams. Talk to a wellbeing counselor about what’s bothering you.

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