Consulting success story

Constant fatigue can have various negative effects on emotional health, cause feelings of tension and anxiety, and contribute to the development of depression. Fatigue can cause sleep disorders, and long-term lack of sleep has a significant impact on mental health, irritability, difficulty in thinking, concentrating, making decisions, and reduced emotional resilience. A person experiencing chronic fatigue can become more sensitive to various stressful situations and have a harder time coping with life’s challenges.

A young woman raising a five-year-old daughter alone applied for a consultation. The woman applied because of constant fatigue and accompanying stress. The client combined her daughter’s care with her studies and complained that she could no longer manage the stress of balancing study bills, exams and her daughter’s care. For a busy person with many responsibilities, it is not possible to completely avoid anxiety and fatigue, but it is necessary to find ways to manage it.

The woman was educated about positive anxiety, which helps to achieve goals, and about negative anxiety, which freezes a person. In order to reduce body sensations – muscle tension, autogenic training was performed during consultations, the client learned breathing exercises that she could also use at home. During the consultations, the client’s automatic thoughts and beliefs were identified, the transformation of thoughts was carried out with the aim of denying the client’s toxic belief that she is a loser and is unable to coordinate everything. After getting rid of negative thoughts and learning relaxation techniques, the client learned to divide the work so as not to overload the nervous system.

Although fatigue may be only one of many factors affecting a person’s mental health, its importance is very significant. So if you notice that the fatigue becomes constant and affects his daily life, do not delay and consult a specialist before the constant fatigue becomes the cause of serious mental health problems.

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