Self-destruction is toxic self-directed behavior or thinking that harms physical, emotional, or mental health. Self-destruction can be physical – this is the use of alcohol, psychotropic substances, neglecting the daily routine, poor nutrition, insufficient sleep or even self-harm – targeted self-harm. Emotional self-destruction is when you underestimate yourself, lack self-esteem, constantly gnaw at mistakes, or give up without even trying. Very often, you postpone personal development and changes for a later time using excuses, such as small children, poor physical health or financial situation. Pushing yourself to the background leads to toxic passivity – when you see that you are bad, you realize it, you understand that you need to change, but you do nothing. The expression of toxic passivity is influenced by the self-inflicted helplessness that a person cannot change anything on his own, or the belief that the situation will resolve itself. Such passivity, helplessness as a form of self-destruction is often chosen by people who experience toxic relationships, violence, mobbing in the work environment, bullying, allow themselves to be humiliated, exploited, underestimated, do not make changes and accept themselves as a victim and accept the current situation. We invite you to take care of your well-being without delay.

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